Numbness Around You

Mistakes they call, blunders I think

Slowly but yes, tethered hearts sink

Passing by mundane and the known

Was so easy, but of something unknown

I feel the pain that makes me slew

but I don’t know why I get numb around you


Silence to be broken, clefts to be covered

Feels like a million miles yet to be slithered

A moment of possibility wasted in vain

Still nothing to lose, everything to gain

A hopeful tomorrow, every day I presume

But still I get paralyzed and numb around you


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About Priyash Jain

I am a student, loves writing thinking. Especially interested in Philosophy, nature, environment, fiction. And there is nothing much more to say.
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2 Responses to Numbness Around You

  1. Muhabit says:

    hope for a god tomorrow is illusionary, start having faith! just a suggestion.

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