Love for prickle, Love for everyone

Inside an incredibly glossy hut

lived a terribly grindy nut

carried mind of wisest wisdom

perpetual ruler of knowledge kingdom

this is a tale of how he lost

to love, that in his head never tossed


On a clear sky and a windy day

bee on a flower to thorn; stray

what in the heavens you get of thorn

why do you love, that deserve scorn

why you sit on thorn; he asked in fog

amazement hits the bee in a bog


Love is flat, that no feature can curb

For love never hits you and you perturb

water and flame, drought and rain

anything can love for it is a trust game

When it touches your soul you never know

once in, enchantment gets its way to flow


Years of taking still makes you same

The mighty wisdom, all goes into vain

For you fool seeks wisdom in a book

what easily is found in a cupid’s hook

that day true wisdom came into view

and of the wizard nobody ever knew



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About Priyash Jain

I am a student, loves writing thinking. Especially interested in Philosophy, nature, environment, fiction. And there is nothing much more to say.
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2 Responses to Love for prickle, Love for everyone

  1. You have strong writing skills!

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